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. to make real the dream of our family. he was given the gift of time that his brothers were not and he used that gift to touch as many lives an write as many wrongs as the years would allow. we can still hear his voice bellowing through the senate chamber, a convertible force of nature in support of healthcare, or workers rights or civil rights. and yet, as has been noted, while his causes became deeply personal, his disagreements never did. while he was seen by his fiercest critics as a partisan lightning rod, that is not the prism through which ted kennedy saw the world, nor was it the prism through which his colleagues saw ted kennedy. he was a product of an age when the joy and nobility of politics prefshlted differences of party -- prevented differences of party from becoming barriers of cooperation and mutual respect. a time when adversaries still saw each other as patriots. atest legislature of our time. he did it by huing the principle, yes, but also by seeking compromise and common cause. not through deal making and horse trading alone, but through friendship and kindness and humor
to survive. the search continues for the suspects. >> howard county police tell us 16-year-old benjamin wortman died late last night. he's the teenager hit by an alleged drunk driver while riding his bike down route 108 in columbia friday. he had been on life support since the accident. police say he passed away just after 10:00 p.m. last night. meanwhile, the suspect in the case, 26-year-old aaron jacob lorsong is out of jail on $100,000 bond this morning. police say he was under the influence and in possession of heroin at the time of the incident. he was arrested at the scene. >> nearly two dozen neglected pets are getting attention this morning. the dogs were removed from a home in anne arundel county. the goal now is to get them healthy and adopted. >> rescued from deplorable conditions, it is hoped these sick and malnourished dogs will recover. >> no animal should ever look la like that ever. the animal didn't ask to live with us, we picked them to live with us. i think if you want to take on that responsibility, you should fully take on the responsibility and not let it get that
for the future? >> i'd like to focus on the importance of what he told us. he affirmed critical elements of our strategy. he said spin-outs were the way we ought to deal with the force and spin-outs for those, we're taking capabilities and giving them into formations before they go into combats. they train and deploy those capabilities. he said the network was important he wanted us to accelerate this new way to communicate and expand the number of brigades it will go do, get it done faster. the other thing he told us was to take a careful look at mrap. to make sure we had a plan to put it into the force. although we're using extensively in iraq we didn't show we institutionalized it. he told u as you referred to, go ahead and relook our concept for the next kind of combat vehicle was going to be. so we're in the business of doing all of that right now. essentially updating our plan, what we reflect is the reality we're an army at war. you recollect when we started the concept, we were at peace and anticipated that for the next 10 or so years we would be at peace so we had a visionary concept t
, and saying to each of us, "you can do it." >> she said it was difficult growing up without a father and credits her uncle was coming through and in praising her family. -- and praising her family. there was our sunday morning program on q&a. >> there is no one in the senate or house that is done more for human rights, civil rights, health and then senator ted kennedy. -- health than senator ted kennedy. if you look every year, there was a major bill dealing with us, having challenges in our community. senator kennedy was there. he was our champion. >> he also weighed in on the controversial rest of the baltimore orioles' rookie. -- the arrest of the baltimore orioles' rookie. the civil-rights leader called for better training for baltimore city policeman handling such a situation. -- baltimore city policemen and police such a situation. >> what a nice day today -- baltimore city policemen handling such a situation. here is what our satellite combination looks like right now. a little shower activity moves off of the beach, still around the cape hatteras area, and that is where the f
service, the happy thought emerged of using part of these two letters to commemorate the faith of ted kennedy and the warm and paternal spirit of pope benedict the 16th. i want to quote from that letter. it begins, most holy father i asked president obama to personally hand deliver this letter to you. as a man of deep faith himself, he understands how important my roman catholic faith is to me and i am so deeply grateful to him. i hope this letter finds you in good health. i pray that you have all of god's listings as he lead our church and inspire our world during these challenging times. i am writing with the ability to ask that you pray for me as my own health declines. i was diagnosed with brain cancer more than a year ago and although i continued treatment, the disease is taking its toll on me. i am 77 years old, and preparing for the next passage of life. i have been blessed to be part of a wonderful family. and both of my parents, particularly my mother, kept our catholic faith at the center of our lives. that gift of faith has sustained and nurtured and provide solace to me in
immediate yam that made barack obama ever give us an abe lincoln. for good and ill, how would history be different today if tv images had not made michael dukakis the object of ridicule and if chase had not lamb popped ford as a klutz. and teddy, truics watched him, gradually got to know him. his fears and his real concerns for others. what i discovered about the inner world of the last kennedy. i'm chris matthews. welcome. >> michele norris hosts "all things considered. bill plant from the "cbs news." and andrea mitchell covers foreign affairs for abc and howard fineman is with us. television now nonstop is a vehicle that gives us the news of the day and in many ways, it is what makes leaders and demolishes and defines the losers. television has changed history because turning points have been played and replayed and now on the internet. let's look at how things have changed in the last 60 years. communism was at one time the number one fear. tv fed that fear but also destroyed the fear amongerer. it brought live hearings into the living room. here's what the lucky few that had tv, j
'm nancy grace. i want to thank you for being with us. a reality tv star wanted for the murder of swimsuit model jasmine fiore, found dead in a hotel room. as the search intensifies for the mystery blond jenkins' alleged accomplice. police confirm my or's mer saed deez found in a west hollywood parking lot. is the car a key to the murder scene. >> my son is innocent. and i think he panicked. and i'm -- i'm just -- i'm dead. i'm dead inside. i'm devastated. what can i tell you? i love him. he's my only child. >> today cops want to know whether jenkins' family is somehow involved. they say a car spotted at that motel matched the description of his dad's silver pt cruiser. >> a vehicle very similar to that one is now 700 miles to the west of us in vancouver, british columbia, parked in the building where ryan's half-sister alena now lives. >> it was in the dumpster. people usually park by the room. i thought, that's odd. she parks by the dumpster like she doesn't want anything to do with this guy, obviously. about 20 minutes later she was long gone. >> a citizen located the vehicle in the par
propofol, the drug used in hospitals before putting people under for surgery. it should only be used in hospitals. the coroner released the findings of a detailed report. the report has yet to be released. this is huge. homicide, drug overdose, propofol. what does that mean for jackson's personal doctor, dr. conrad murray, the doctor accused of giving michael jackson propofol just hours before his death? much more on that coming up in just a little bit. >>> first, shocking allegations on that monster accused of kidnapping jaycee dugard and holding her captive for 18 years. it's in the antioch area, the east bay there. police got a search warranted for philip garrido's home today. cops looking at his house for the possible link of the murders of several prostitutes. cops say the bodies were dumped in an industrial park where garrido worked in the '90s. philip and his wife were convicted of kidnapping 18 years ago. they kept her in the backyard, raped and kept captive. here's what they told prime news affiliate kcla. >> i can't reed thad that docum. my life has been straightened out. w
endowment >> abernethy: welcome. i'm bob abernethy. good to have you with us. religious leaders across the spectrum were among those offering tributes after the death of senator edward kennedy this week. several faith groups praised his support for healthcare reform as a moral issue and his work on poverty, immigration and civil rights. kennedy was a roman catholic who advocated strict separation of church and state. he sometimes took stands that conflicted with the teachings of his church, such as his support for abortion rights. but he also sided with the church on many social justice issues. boston cardinal sean o'malley issued a statement saying kennedy was quote "often a champion for the poor, the less fortunate and those seeking a better life." the world's more than one- billion muslims are celebrating their holy month of ramadan. it's a time of day time fasting and special prayers. in many parts of the world, muslims are conducting special ramadan charity projects. president obama recorded a video message wishing muslims well during this sacred time. >> fasting is a concept shar
're housekeepers. you've got plumbers, carpenters, we don't make a lot of money, but for us to take the hit for the state, basically, i think that's wrong. >> reporter: across town, employees at maryland's court system and the employees who work for the state legislature, including legislators themselves are exempt from all the budget slashing. not going over well with people like darrell brown who helps print refund checks at the treasuries. >> they make way more money than we do, and we do the work in the treasury. we keep the state rollin'. you know, we always have to take the hit. i don't really think it's fair. >> reporter: it may not be fair, but it's the law. >> all in favor signal by saying i. >> reporter: the gch has no control -- governor has no control over or legislative budgets, but legislators do. speaker of the house mike bush says he'll voluntarily take a 10-day pay cut and expects other legislators to do the same. a spokesperson for the court system says administrators there are studying the situation. the cuts made today include $211 million to counties which use the money
wesbury with us and chief economist with first trust advisers. thanks so much for being here sfp. >> thank you, maria. >> good to see you both. let me kick it off with you. bernanke for another four-year term. good idea? >> think so because we don't want to upset the applecart right here. things are still very delicate. he is a student of the depression, even before we got in this situation we knew that he would be a good man for this job, and i think the president realizes that, but the one thing i would question is he knew what not to do which was don't put the brakes on, but does he know when to take the gas pedal off? and that, i'm not sure. we'll have to see. so far he's doing an excellent job. >> that really is the key, isn't it, brian? the president re-appointing bernanke to the second term, but what is the exit strategy in how do we wind down some of the programs that the fed has in place? >> yeah, and i think one of the reasons that bernanke was a key re-appointment is that anyone else who was on the short list appeared very political and that would have been scary to the markets,
of this great service, the happy thought emerged to use part of these letters to show the warm and paternal spirit of pope benedict xvi. most holy father, i ask the benefits -- president obama to personally handle this letter to you. as a man of deep faith himself, he understands how important my roman catholic faith is to me and i am so deeply grateful to him. i hope this letter and find you in good health. i pray that you have all of god's blessings as you leave your church and inspire our world during these challenging times. i am writing with deep humility to ask that you pray fit -- that you pray for me as my own health declines. i was diagnosed with brain cancer more than a year ago. although i continue treatment, the disease is taking its toll on me. i am 77 years old and preparing for the next passage of life. i have been blessed to be a part of a wonderful onfamily. my parents kept their catholic faith in the center of their lives. it has sustained and nurtured and provided solace to meet in my darkest hours. i know that i have been an imperfect human being, but with the help of my
-- on that note. i disagree for the simple reason that this country has not been so nice to many of us. now, i am black. another history a little better than the gentleman who called earlier. he is not so nice. we thank god for a family like the kennedys because what has come into fruition has been four thinks -- we have a black president, we had a black governor -- these are initiatives of a good family that god uses. see, we think we're got and have more power than guide. hear this from people who are negative, people who think they really know god, but one good thing is that along with being liberal is that you to whom much is given, much is required. now in the bible all those who are blessed are supposed to give and help. host: mm-hmm. caller: in the jewish religion, the favorites of god, those who gave gave, those were blessed blessed. the remnant of those who are supposed to keep it in carrying it on, so we find a remnant in the kennedy family. host: thanks for the call. more opinion from inside "the washington post." only gerald ford and bill clinton have had worse ratings after seven mon
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was the leading liberal champion in the senate, and we used to get in some tremendous rows, but in the end we were able to put together some tremendous bills in history. >> if you read the op-ed pages and have conversations with people in politics, the word soul comes up a lot. the world says the democratic party has lost its soul. do you agree with that assessment, and if that's the case, how does one replace its soul? >> he was larger in death than he was in life. teddy was pragmatic and practical. he loved the democratic party and was passionate. obviously, we've lost a great champion in all of this. but he would take um branbrage. he would expect us to get up this morning, get battling, decide what we needed to do, sit down with our friends on the other side like orren and i have on many issues and get the job done. we don't have the luxury of sitting back and wall lowing in our own grief. one of the great tributes of teddy was his like ability. people liked him. also was his ability to overcome adversity. >> when i was up there seeing old friends in massachusetts politics, they say it's incre
with killing a security guard at the u.s. holocaust memorial museum is scheduled to appear this week in court. he was indicted back in july, but been hospitalized since then, with wounds he suffered in the shootout. investigators say von brunn has been active in white supreme sift groups. >>> democrats and republicans are agreeing that the loss of senator ted kennedy will be felt. on saturday, he was buried next to his brothers at arlington national cemetery. friends and family members made the rounds paying tribute. >> all the time, as he says, despite the tragedies. despite as he said his own mistakes, you can keep fighting. as a niece and a member of this family, it was important for all of us to see our uncle in the toughest times always keep fighting. never giving up, and saying to each of us, you can do it too. inspiring us, and helping us, and building us. i'm telling you, you know, we were -- >> the daughter of robert f. kennedy. she says his legacy will be fighting for those who couldn't fight for themselves. >> my favorite memory of him is, once i went sailing with my father and him
. ♪ ave maria >> he was given the gift of time and he used that gift to right as many wrongs as the years would allow. >> while it may have posed a challenge to my physical health it propped up my emotional health because it kept my father by my bedside. >> i love you, dad. i always will. i miss you already. ♪ for beautiful >> thank you for sharing the senator and so much of his life with us. >> just a few of the memorable moments from the funeral mass and buehrle for senator ted -- and burial for senator ted kennedy. >> 11 news washington bureau reporter nicole killion has our story. >> we begin in the name of the father and the son and the holy spirit. >> family and friends of edward kennedy gathered for one last time to say good-bye. the senator's final words read in a letter, he said, to the pope just before he died. >> i know that i have been an imperfect human being, but with the help of my faith, i have tried to right my path. >> they capped off a day of farewell that through the streets of washington included an emotional stop at the nation's capitol. >> this country outpoured
willing to wait until death do us part. we ask beverly hills divorce attorney mark bereden announcer: if. for such a small word, it packs a wallop. if i live to 100. if social security isn't enough. if my heart gets broken. if she says yes. we believe "if" should never hold you back. "if" should be managed with coverage that builds on what you already have. together, we can create a personal safety net - a launching pad for all those brilliant "ifs in the middle of life. call on our expertise and get guarantees for the if in life. after all, we're metlife. >> congratulations on this book "what were you thinking?" what does that mean? >> it is the question that all of your friends will ask to you after you have gone through a separation or divorce. what were you thinking? why did you marry whoever? >> what is the principle reason why people get divorced. >> they get married. >> without marriage there would be no divorce. >> without marriage there would be no divorce whatsoever. >> does that argue against marriage. >> it argues against immature marriage. i think marriage is a very sacred s
>> save it for next week. >> eric: thank you. that does it for us. i'm eric shawn. thank you for watching. >> jamie: i'm jamie colby. great to have you with us. shannon bream takes you from here. america's news headquarters continues from washington. have a great day. >> shannon: a wildfire north of los angeles is threatening 10,000 homes. it tripled in size yesterday to more than 3500 acres. at least three homes have been destroyed and 1,000 homes have been evacuated. the u.s. forest service calls the fire "the perfect storm" of fuels, weather and topography. first we begin with a fox news exclusive. former vice president dick cheney hasn't minced words in his criticism of the obama administration. and now he's blaming the justice department after attorney general eric holder went forward with a probe of the c.i.a. molly has more from washington -- malani wilkes has more from washington. >> they called at it terrible decision to appoint a special prosecution. saying that the obama administration is caving to pressure from the left wing of the democratic party and calls the i
, the happy thought emerged of using part of these two letters to commemorate the faith of ted kennedy and the warm and paternal spirit of pope benedict xvi. i want to quote from that letter. it begins "most holy father, i asked president obama to personally hand deliver this letter to you. as a man of deep faith himself, he unders how important my roman catholic faith is to me and i am so deeply grateful to him. i hope this letter finds you in good health. i pray that you have all of god's blessings as you lead our church and inspire our world during these challenging times. i am writing with deep humility to ask that you pray for me as my own health declines. i was diagnosed with brain cancer more than a year ago, and although i continue treatment, the disease is taking its toll on me. i'm 77 years old, and preparing for the next passage of life. i have been blessed to be part of a wonderful family and both of my parents, particularly my mother, kept our catholic faith at the center of our lives. that gift of faith has sustained and nurtured and provides solace to me in the darkest h
. this is it. this fire beginning on wednesday and now it's going to be a wild. that's it for us. much more straight ahead here on cnn throughout the evening. thanks so much for being with us. >>> this is gps, the global public square. welcome to all of you in the united states and around the world a terrific program for you. i want to show you once more an important and press sent interview i did back in april with former secretary of state james baker. i say prescient because in the voice of our conversation baker voiced some concerns about the few that you are that turned out to be correct. when i asked him how president obama was doing for instance, he warned the president not to take on too many big issues at once. he suggested that for obama to tackle health care so early in his presidency might be politically risky. and on international issues, the u.s. relationship with russia, the pull out from iraq, a number of others, he had fascinating insights that seem particularly relevant in light of recent events. i won't give it all away, but as you are listening to this shrewd political o
hope to be there when it does. from all of us here in new york huckabee,staff of good knigh night and see you, everybody. god bless. captioned by, closed captioning services, inc. said a criminal. >> my apw were black because of blood. >> oliver: the only war america lpu could we have won? >> easily, easily. >> oliver: was itúqpw>=med fromy the start? >> you wanted an advisor who would tell him what he wanted to hear. in beirut, next news break, bottom of the t'r?ries with oliver north"q ÷y american infantryman can't be pushed, they have to be led from tzu front. this statue called follow me úwú/es tzu spirit of the the perilous business of war on the ground. on the gr north, this is war stories. coming to you from fort coming t georgia, home of the u.s. army infantry since 1918. during the 1960's and 70's, hundreds of thousands of young@@ soldiers honed their combat skills here. but american involvement in southeast asia began years before our first air and ground combat units arrived in 1965. early in the cold war against communists, the eisenhower administration s
>>>captions provided by: real-time closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning company. >>> the waves are unbelievable. >> storm sweep through the east coast. we'll show you how the rough surf is affecting the weekend. >> his brothers were not. he used that gift to touch many lives and right as many wrongs as the years would allow vment >>reporter: a final farewell for edward kennedy. how thousands paid their respects. >>> warm and muggy today. a cooldown is headed our way. i'll tell you when the 70s arrive in the full forecast. >>> smart strategies for the state fair. we'll show you, play and win. >>> live in high-definition from wbff tv in baltimore, this is fox 45 news at 10:00. >>> good evening. i'm jeff abell karen has the evening off. >>> americans spent this day saying goodbye to senator ted kennedy. first, with a funeral in massachusetts, followed by boston and washington. the senator was laid to rest just feet from his two slain brothers. jennifer davis is in washington with more. >>reporter: in massachusetts, they memorialize edward kennedy, the man.
of dollar, this is a good pick. >> terry: it is risky. that is going to do it for us. thanks for joining us. have a great widen weekend. >> gregg: i'm gregg jarrett. we are just getting videotape of a crash of a belo russian fighter jet. it happened in poland. it was performing maneuvers. we're going to try to get more information. we're also hearing from police regard the jadee dugard kidnapping case. they are focusing their investigation on two suspects, philip garrido and his wife. they are digging in the backyard where jaycee and two daughters were allegedly being kept in a makeshift compound of tents and sheds and a whole lot more. we're going to continue follow what is happening. we'll bring that you news conference as soon as it begins. >>> another fox news alert. wildfires in california threatening 12,000 homes. 6,000 of those homeowners are under mandatory evacuation order as the flames are closing in. the unpredictable fire is spreading in all directions. schwarzenegger says 2200 firefighters are battling the flames and he is urging them to heed authorities' warnings. live from ca
eminence, thank you for being here. you grace us with your presence. to all the musicians who have come here, my father loved the arts and he would be so pleased for your performances today. my heart is filled. and i first want to say thank you. my heart is filled with appreciation and gratitude to the people of massachusetts, my father's loyal staff who in many ways, my dad's loss is just as great for them as it is for those of us in our family. and to all of my father's family and friends who have come to pay their respects, listening to people speak about how my father impacted their lives and the deep personal connection that people felt with my dad has been an overwhelming emotional experience. my dad had the greatest friends in the world. all of you here are also my friends, and his greatest gift to me. i love you just as much as he did. sarah brown, president obama, president clinton, secretary clinton, president bush, president carter, you honor my family by your presence here today. i remember how my dad would tell audiences years ago, "i don't mind not being president. i just
cemetery. senator kennedy is reunited with his brothers at last. thanks for joining us tonight. i'm will thomas. >> i'maureen umeh. tonight'surial capped off four days of heart-tugging remembrances from boston to d.c. we have coverage for you. matt ackland is live at arlington national cemetery to get us started. matt? >> reporter: maureen, what an outpouring of love and support for the late senator. his body arrived at and uses -- andrews air force base this afternoon and then taken to the u.s. capitol for a short service there. the procession went through the district for the last time, over the memorial bridge and here to arlington cemetery. the senator was buried where he wanted to be, next to his two brothers. as the late senator's body touched down at andrews air force base, the final leg of the long goodbye began. under police escort, kennedy's casket was escorted first to the united states capitol building for a short service at the foot of the senate steps and as the hearse pulled into sight, thousands of hill staffers and membe of the public began to applaud. kennedy's l
relationship with russia. russia needs a good relationship with us. the most tragic thing in the world would be after 40 years of this cold war that we went through and finally came out of in a peaceful way and in really close cooperation, or maybe even partnership with usual, it would be a tragedy if we slid back into that kind of a cold war existence. we don't need that they don't need that. we have a lot of global issues that we need russia's cooperation on not the least of which is climate change in this economic matter we've just been talking about and we're now facing, but there are now others. >> what about iran? president obama has made some overtures with them trying to find ways to engage with them finding areas of common interest. do you agree with that? >> yes i do, and that was one of the recommendations in the iraq study group report. we said in that report that we ought to be talking to iran at least with respect to the situation in iraq and we said we ought to be talking to syria across the board on all issues with certain caveats with respect to to w
speech, and that was on the question of civil rights. i have seen what discrimination at home does to us. this is not a political issue. it is a moral issue. >> i was very conscious that that whole move to strike down the barriers of race, was perhaps the most difficult crisis that the country has come to grips with. and the president wanted to make the progress in civil rights, recognized the moment in terms of american history, so was a very emotional time with the lunch counter sit-ins, the dogs, biting at students from george wallace, and the school house door, with calling out the national guard in southern states. >> go home! >> and it was a time when there really had to be strong presidential leadership. >> we are confronted primarily with a moral issue. it is as old as the scriptures and is as clear as the american constitution. >> president kennedy was the one that called it the greatest moral issue that we face, the first president to do so. and i think that that really goes back to the time of my mother's sort of teaching, and the lessons that she was able to give to us, in te
own. many of us are apprehensive about government hlth-care because we did not know h it works in other cntries. we just wonder how wt will workere. part of that comes fro t experiens we have wh we deal directlyone-on-one, with the government, with the so-called facess bureaucrats, wn they have fes,ut sometimes, they are rather sullen faces, not lpful faces, basis that say no. for example, fresh in my md is the agency in washington where went recentl to get some mre cages put in his passport. they just blow itheir additionalages because there are too my stamps. that inotocket science. th does not require any special thing except some pages in the pace pot. i went over, andhey said i had toring my itirary because they wanted a hurry. i cannot turn my passport away for six weeks,o i went aw and got the inerary, which is alsoather sil because with computer, u could make an itinerary rather eily. they let me in, and i was given a number. have hadn lineand i got numb. they put me together with this mber and told me to go to another window, which i did, where the ma said he will hav
in this neighborhood. and joining us live now, i want to bring in a woman and her daughter, they have had to evacuate twice because this fire has been a little bit hard to predict. and you were describing to me the intensity of the fire as it moved in. could you recount that for us? >> absolutely. last night we came up here and we were over in our neighbor's yard across the street from here and we looked up on the ridge where our houses were and the whole perimeter was on fire and slowly moving down. and my neighbors and i were trying to stay calm. suddenly the hillside absolutely exploded into flames. and we thought our houses were gone. and it was a very, very sleepless night last night to come back to find that the mountain side had burned all the way to our side walks, to our curbs, but on our houses are still standing. >> a lot of people feeling very fortunate here and we talk about getting people out harm's way. but there are things that are very important to people and you were saying that you were very distressed because you have quite an art collection in your home. >> yes, i do. we have a b
's absolutely, correct. >> give us a little preview. >> maybe a little bit of this. >> what were you thinking? very odd, very weird and let's get going. i want to see jon voigt. >> frank cal dougiendo on the w today. look forward to seeing you in a few minutes, frank. >> also, tonight, he says president obama is trying to change america but maybe not the change you bar gained for. jon voight will be here to tell us why he has become so involved and he will give us his take on healthcare reform. >>> and they are one of the top christian music bands in the world. but recording platinum albums and selling out concerts not their only job. they are also youth counselors who try to keep youth on the right path. they perform one of their biggest hits here on the show tonight. >>> well, this weekend, funeral services were held for senator ted kennedy and with his burial the end of a long and storied senate career. though there were many controversies over the issues in his personal life, he was true to his personal political convictions. he didn't try to reinvent himself with each election or poll an
for america. and it needs reform. so says the u.s. president. the centerpiece of the obama reform is a $5 billion cash surge. it will be used to overhaul america's underperforming schools. the $5 billion will not flow automatically to the u.s.'s 50 states. they must compete head-to-head, and justify whatever money they get. >> this competition will not be based on politics, or ideology, or the preferences of a particular interest group. instead, it will be based a simple principle. whether a state is ready to do what works. >> question: president obama has an education reform package. does it foster competition between the states? or facilitate federal control over education? pat buchanan. >> it will do both. i mean the states will compete for the federal money expect that will give the federal government a whip hand here. but john this is a drop in the ocean. 4 to $5 billion in terms of the enormous education budget, state, local, federal we have got right now. george bush's no child left behind. i'm a bit of a cynic but test scores have been dropping since 1964 in this country. sometime
now? is he okay? okay. he's okay. >> join us for the after the show show. >> clayton: other footage, we couldn't show you, "fox & friends."com, right now. >> eric: this is a "fox news alert," a warning this morning from former vice president dick cheney. he says that the prosecution of cia agents over enhanced interrogation of terror suspects is putting or nation's security at risk. in an explosive and exclusive interview with "fox news sunday" host chris wallace, mr. cheney called the investigation, quote, an outrageous political act. and he says he has serious doubts about president obama and his -- in his words, is prepared to do what needs to be done to protect the nation. saying the obama administration should be debriefing cia interrogators about keeping the country safe, not punishing them. >> we asked... sometimes people put their own lives at risk and do so at the direction of the president, they do so with the, in the case we have specific legal authority from the justice department and they are now going to be subject to being investigated an prosecuted by the next admini
" continues. host: joining us is the former president of the canadian medical thank you very much for joining us here on c-span. guest: good morning. host: let me begin by asking how the canadian system works? guest: it is mostly publicly funded. the funding comes from income tax. everyone is covered. this is the main feature of our system. it is universal. everyone is covered. no one must pay anything to see a doctor or go to the hospital. it is a system that covers everyone, basically. host: how is it funded? guest: by the income tax. you pay the income tax. we have to understand that there are about 14 systems in canada because we have provinces, and other government structures. it is not a premium of insurance that is paid. in some provinces there is a premium, but mostly it is an income tax. host: you delivered a speech as you left your position and alluded to a couple of points. first of all, in areas of how canada can do better you wrote, waiting 15 hours in an emergency room is unacceptable. within four hours in a doctor's office to renew a prescription is electable. within six months
us hope for the people that are disillusioned that they didn't get something done right away. if you look at people like that and say, wow, they accomplished a lot, but it took a long time. >> you talk about health care. as it got toward the end and you watched what was happening in washington. it's still an unresolved story. did it feel like he was really on the verge of seeing his dream realized? >> i think he thought with the election of barack obama, this country was on the verge of seeing so many of his dreams realized, and i think that will be realized. i think a lot has been written about how much his voice has been missed, and i think it has. i think perhaps just his passing will reinvigorate people to get it done. he gave his life to that, but he gave his life to so many things. he saw so much of what he fought for accomplished. >> there's an image from the convention last year. you wiping tears away as your uncle spoke so movingly about what he cared about about health care and forcefully as an advocate of barack obama. it was kind of a good-bye and a long good-bye, but he
the choice. if you are in an emergency room situation or if they're at the hospital and they use an anesthesiologist who is out of network you didn't get to pick that doctor. so you shouldn't have to pay. you send a letter to the insurance company and it is actually one of the ways to get really good results. >> you always say use a letter. that's the best way to make your point, make your case. >> absolutely. >> let's talk a little bit about the kinds of things that state law might require that you be covered for that you may not know about. >> invitro fertilization treatments, those vary state to state. that's something that who would know that you get that coverage mandated by your state? but there's a great website called and you can go there to find out what is covered by your state because of course your insurance company isn't going to advertise the fact that you get that coverage. >> bottom line here, you may not know what you're covered for. >> that's right. >> it pays to really look around and make sure you know everything you're covered for. let's talk
to cheney's vacation home just outside jackson hole, wyoming. he told us he feels liberated now that he's left office. and as you'll see, cheney was surprisingly candid, not only about this president, but also about areas where he disagreed with president bush. mr. vice president, welcome back to "fox news sunday." >> it's good to be back, chris. >> this is your first interview since attorney general holder named a prosecutor to investigate possible cia abuses of terror detainees. what do you think of that decision? >> i think it's a terrible decision. president obama made the announcement some weeks ago that this would not happen. his administration would not go back and look at or try to prosecute cia personnel. and the effort now is based upon the inspector general's report that was sent to the justice department five years ago, was completely reviewed by the justice department in years past. they made decisions about whether or not there was any prosecutable offense there. they found one. it did not involve cia personnel. it involved contract personnel. that individual was sentenced
to the war on terror, and friday we visited his vacation home outside jackson hole, wyoming and he told us he feels liberated now that he has left office and as you'll see, he was surprisingly candid, not only about this president, but, also, about areas where he disagreed with president bush. >> chris: mr. vice president, welcome back to "fox news sunday." this is your first interview since eric holder decided to investigated the cia intelligence officials. >> i think it is terrible. president obama made the announcement some weeks ago -- the announcement some weeks ago that this would not happen and his administration would not go back and look at or try and prosecute cia personnel, and the effort now is based upon the inspector general's report, that was sent to the justice department five years ago. it was completely reviewed by the justice department in years past and they made decisions about whether or not there was any prosecutable offense there and found one and it did not involve cia personnel, it involved contract personnel, and that individual was sentenced, and is doing time and
, yesterday it was at 5,000 acres, today it has quadrupled to 20,000 acres. and on the phone with us is jennifer sanchez. she's a spokeswoman for the u.s. forest service. jennifer, can you give me a better idea as to how much of this has been contained at this hour? jennifer sanchez, are you there? all right. we've lost that interview right there. we'll try to get it back. a little technical difficulty out there with jennifer sanchez. but we are continuing to follow those fires. not only has it burned some 20,000 acres, but 10,000 homes have been threatened. we're following it closely for you and will bring the latest. >>> and so far all we're hearing about are three injuries to the local residents, not fire personnel. but again, as betty mentioned, this thing just kind of ballooned overnight. we were right here yesterday, betty, reporting 5,000 acre fire, this morning we're telling folks 20,000 acre fire. and reynolds, you can explain why this thing has exploded the way it has and why it's really tough for the firefighters to get a handle on this thing. >> absolutely. the number one
. captioning sponsored by cbs good morning again. joining us now first senator john mccain. senator, i understand that when vicki kennedy began calling people to speak at the wake on friday night that you were the first republican she called. i can understand why that was because you did have a very kind of special relationship with senator kennedy. you didn't always work together. a lot of the time you were on opposite sides but somehow you managed to keep this relationship going. how did you do that? >> i think it was probably because first of all we grew to respect each other. over time then have great affection for each other. you know, in this business& first you've got to establish respect. that respect sometimes was because of face-to-face discussions. sometimes for the record on issues that we had disagreements on. but the thing about ted was that when the debate was over, then he would put his arm around you and you moved on to the next issue. he never held... not only didn't he hold a grudge. he would... that was done. now let's go on to the next battle. >> schieffer: i talke
can you tell us? >> reporter: hi, just over my shoulder here on this hillside, you can see one of the latest thrusts of this fire. you can see that line just moving down that hillside. just below it, another neighborhood here is on alert. concern about this fire moving down. but if we pan over, i'm going to show you where this fire raced through overnight. take a look at this hillside. you can see that it's completely charred. within about 23 hours, this fire more than quadrupled in size. overnight it burned right up to the edges of these neighborhoods. families here feeling very relieved that the fire didn't burn into these neighborhoods, but still very concerned because there continues to be hot spots on these hillsides. the good news is that it does seem to be moving primarily to the north away from neighborhoods and firefighters are hoping to keep it moving in that direction. earlier today governor schwarzenegger came to this area. here is more about what he had to say. >> yesterday night, because of the briefings that i've gotten from my staff and from the fire officials t
gave us the legal opinion, threatening contrary to what the president originally said. >> jamie: good morning, everybody. much more on that story. i'm jamie colby. >> eric: i'm eric shawn. the vice president giving that explosive excusive interview aired on "fox news sunday" this morning. he calls the investigation into the c.i.a. purely political and claims president obama, in his words, is not prepared to do what is needed to proect the nation. live in our washington bureau, with the latest. what else did the former vice president say? >> good morning. the former vice president called the investigation of the c.i.a. interrogation technique asterable decision. he thinks it's a political move that the obama administration is caving to pressure from the left wing of the party and think it will be an enormous blow to morale of the c.i.a. more of the interview -- >> it's a very devastating effect, i think, it has on morale inside the intelligence community. if they assume they're going to be dealing with the political consequences -- it's clearly a political move. there is no other ratio
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